10 Constructions safety tips

10 Constructions safety tips

There are many risks related to accidents during the construction process. The good news is, we listed 10 construction safety tips that may help you to understand how to considerably reduce those risks. Therefore, it’s important that safety standards are followed and even simple habits observed and adjusted.

In order to maintain safety in the construction site, constant attention is needed. After all, a construction without caution can take to human and financial loss, as well as legal problems and labor issues.

It’s also needed to pay attention to the fact that, safety in the construction site it is everyone’s responsibility. However, is the Manager job to organize and take care of the process during the construction process.

Take a look at 10 tips to increase construction safety that will help you in that process.


10 construction safety tips

1. Do not allow negligent people

In order to make the construction site safe, it’s necessary that everyone in every level have responsibility to it. Employees that refuse using safety equipments and don’t follow the proper safety recommendations must be trained for it.

If the bad behavior continues, this employees must be step away. After all, they will be putting their and others lifes at risk.


2. Plan everything

Everything starts in planning and safety must be at it all along the way. In order to guarantee safety to employees and the project schedule accomplished, it’s necessary to have a risk assessment before the project starts.

In addition, information like: Materials that will be used, passage locals, necessary signalization, stock, equipaments and many other factors are fundamental for the safe development of the construction.


3. Follow safety instructions

There are Regulatory Norms made for safety and medicine of work. However, it’s necessary that the construction manager pay attention to those norms and don’t allow it’s noncompliance by employees.


4. Create a Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA)

According to NR 5, the Internal Commission for Accident Prevention (CIPA) should be composed of representatives of the employer and employees and has the goal of prevent accidents in the work environment. That is to say, this commission must identify possible risks during the work process, elaborate risks maps and also inspect the work conditions. Therefore, the Commision it’s a way to bring improvements and reduce accident risks at the construction site.


5. Require the use of Individual Protection Equipments

The law requires that companies supply Individual Protection Equipments and that employees use it. Those equipments can prevent several accidents and they have a low cost, so everyone must use them in the construction site. It’s also highly important that the manager buy only certified equipments.

The main Individual Protection Equipments are: Safety helmet, ear protectors, boots, protection glasses, gloves and masks.


6. Train your employees

Provide protection equipments it’s not enough. It’s also important to provide training in order to make your team understand how to use those equipments. In addition, you should create campaigns to highlight the importance of using Individual Protection Equipments.

If necessary, make the Daily Safety Dialog, which is a process based on daily meetings with the team to provide basic safety instructions to all employees.


7. Pay attention to equipments

It’s not only about the Individual Protection Equipments. In general, all equipments and machines must have their preventive maintenance in order to guarantee that it work properly.


8. Keep the construction site organized and clean

With your team properly equipped and trained, you must pay attention to your construction site and give instructions so that debris do not remain all messed out. Only by doing this you will prevent accidents.


9. Use construction signs

Precaution must be in all the construction process. Signs not only provide orientation to employees, but also inform others about the construction site instructions. The signs also help in the organization and prevention of accidents in the construction site.


10. Don’t be afraid to ask for specialized help

Work Safety Specialists may help managers to define witch are the proper Individual Safety Equipments, help in the sign and organization process and also show improvements that could be done in your construction site. So, if necessary, hire a specialist to help you with the work safety on your construction site.

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